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The big day gets even better with good food & drinks from Herr&Fru.

We have made two proposals for the confirmation day, which you can find below and can order via our Catering  menu online. We are happy to make a follow-up phone call / conversation with you, to go over the order and arrangement. Give us a message in the "Request field" and we will review the order and get in touch with follow-up. 


Confirmation 2023 

"Tapas La famiglia" 


  • Italian Parma ham Casa Graziano

  • Pecorino cheese / manchego

  • Mortadella de bologna

  • Italian salami

  • Sundried tomatoes

  • Taggiasca olives

  • Bbq chicken clubs by Stangekylling

  • Homemade Italian meatballs in tomato sauce

  • Gambas Arrow Arrow

  • Sauteed vegetables

  • Mr and Mrs's homemade salsicia sausages and chorizo sausages

  • Mr and Mrs delicious potato salad with egg and onion

  • Tomato pesto

  • Fresh salad, fried vegetables, pickled red onion and sprouts from microgreens

  • Mr and Mrs Italian focaccia

  • Aioli

Price per serving

Confirmation 2023 

Confirmation cold table Herr&Fru 

  • Parma ham Casa Graziano

  • Smoked trout

  • Herbal baked potatoes Bjertnes and Hoel

  • Roast beef and remoulade

  • Homemade patties with fried onions

  • Herb-marinated grilled chicken thighs

  • Homemade salsicia sausages

  • Fresh broccoli salad with pickled red onion

  • Our freshly baked foccacia

Price per serving

Confirmation 2023 

Option for Tapas table / Confirmation cold table 


  • Satay chicken with peanut sauce  NOK 55 per person

  • Stuffed mushrooms au gratin NOK 45 per person

  • Eggplant with tomato pesto and buffalo mozzarella
    au gratin NOK 45 per person

  • Caprese salad NOK 45 per person

Confirmation 2023, you best celebrate with good food from Herr&Fru
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